Dave Mitchell,Andrew Boyd,Juman Abujbara,Marcel Taminato

Beautiful Rising

«Beautiful Rising offers insights and lessons for creative resistance from across the Global South, making it a crucial resource for change-makers.»—Archbishop Desmond Tutu
“Beyond a brilliantly innovative toolkit for making social change, you will find here a 'deep structure' of activist patterns and principles that can unite millions in creating a new world beyond capitalist sociopathy and strong man despotism. Read this optimistic book for hope in grim times. " —Charles Derber, professor of sociology at Boston College and author of Welcome to the Revolution: Universalizing Resistance for Social Justice and Democracy in Perilous Times

Based on face-to-face jam sessions held in Yangon, Amman, Harare, Dhaka, Kampala and Oaxaca, Beautiful Rising includes stories of the Ugandan organizers who smuggled two yellow-painted pigs into parliament to protest corruption; the Burmese students' 360-mile long march against undemocratic and overly centralized education reforms; the Lebanese “honk at parliament” campaign against politicians who had clung to power long after their term had expired; and much more.
Now, in one remarkable book, you can find the collective wisdom of more than a hundred grassroots organizers from five continents. It's everything you need for a DIY uprising of your own.
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