The Science of Human Nature / A Psychology for Beginners, William Henry Pyle
William Henry Pyle

The Science of Human Nature / A Psychology for Beginners

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This book is written for young students in high schools and normal schools. No knowledge can be of more use to a young person than a knowledge of himself; no study can be more valuable to him than a study of himself. A study of the laws of human behavior,—that is the purpose of this book.

What is human nature like? Why do we act as we do? How can we make ourselves different? How can we make others different? How can we make ourselves more efficient? How can we make our lives more worth while? This book is a manual intended to help young people to obtain such knowledge of human nature as will enable them to answer these questions.

I have not attempted to write a complete text on psychology. There are already many such books, and good ones too. I have selected for treatment only such topics as young students can study with interest and profit. I have tried to keep in mind all the time the practical worth of the matters discussed, and the ability and experience of the intended readers.
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Really for begginers.

عبيرje podelio/la utisakпре 2 године

❤🙏 yup the perfect one for Student like me 😊

Alberto Rodz
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To understand all the aspects of the world, we must study all the sciences.
If we wish to remember knowledge, the knowledge must be seen in the clearest light, really be knowledge, at the outset
The man is sensitive and has the power of action, the power of moving himself.
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