The Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux
Gaston Leroux

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera was first published as a serialisation in Le Gaulois from September 23, 1909, to January 8, 1910. It was published in volume form in late March 1910 by Pierre Lafitte. The novel is partly inspired by historical events at the Paris Opera during the nineteenth century and an apocryphal tale concerning the use of a former ballet pupil's skeleton in Carl Maria von Weber's 1841 production of Der Freischütz. It has been successfully adapted into various stage and film adaptations, most notable of which are the 1925 film depiction featuring Lon Chaney, and Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1986 musical.
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The Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux
The Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux
The Phantom Of The Opera, Gaston Leroux


alyssaduckettje podelio/la utisakпре 3 године

that ending got me fucked up 😢

Nica Faith Peñalosa
Nica Faith Peñalosaje podelio/la utisakпре 2 месеца
👍Vredna čitanja
🎯Vredna čitanja

b0656617686je podelio/la utisakпре 3 месеца
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timotheaandreou05je citiraoпрошлог месеца
The man’s voice spoke again: "Are you very tired?"

"Oh, to–night I gave you my soul and I am dead!" Christine replied.

"Your soul is a beautiful thing, child," replied the grave man’s voice, "and I thank you. No emperor ever received so fair a gift. THE ANGELS WEPT TONIGHT

It just sounds kinda cool idk

Alex Abroskin
Alex Abroskinje citiraoпре 2 месеца
crowned my labors in a very definite fashion.

увенчал мои труды совершенно определенным образом.

b8465537998je citiraoпре 5 месеци
would do better to hold his tongue."

Было бы лучше придержать язык

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