David Kundtz

Nothing's Wrong

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This no-nonsense guide helps men recognize, process, and express their emotions to experience healthier, happier, and more successful lives.
Men have long been conditioned to conceal a full range of emotions, including sadness, anxiety, and worry. Suppressing these emotions not only cuts men off from their true selves, it can also inhibit decision making and lead to other negative consequences. Author David Kundtz shows men how to identify and express whatever they're feeling in a healthy way and to learn to be comfortable with the feelings of others. He provides the tools and language men can use to access deep, vibrant, emotional lives.
Written for males, from teenagers to grandfathers, Nothing's Wrong presents a variety of stories, simple exercises, and a three-step, daily practice for emotional fitness. Men are encourage to notice what they’re feeling and stay with it, name the feeling, then express it to the outside world. In straight-talking, no-nonsense language, Kundtz helps men liberate themselves to live more fulfilling personal and professional lives.
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