Over My Head, Charles de Lint
Charles de Lint

Over My Head

316 štampanih stranica
Josh Saunders knew his troubles werent over. He just never thought that everything would blow up as hard and fast as it has. Sure, hes got a mountain lion living under his skin, but he still thought he could keep his head down and get a few days of respite. But life is still complicated in the once-quiet beach town of Santa Feliz. While Josh and the other teens-turned-Wildlings would love nothing more than to keep their identities hidden, others have different ideas. The FBI still have questions for Joshand a bully is out to make sure that he doesnt even think about trying to return to normal life, let alone keep his public faade up at school. In the meantime, several Wildling Elders view Josh as their prospective leader and ambassador between the human and Wildling communities but unbeknownst to almost everyone, including Josh, another formidable Wildling Elder is determined to have him secretly murderedby the hand of one of Joshs friends. In this riveting coming-of-age novel, Josh faces powerful Wildling clashes, angry street gangs, a hateful bully, FBI investigators and perhaps even the loss of his very best friend and confidante, Marina. A compelling story, Over My Headis a page-turner told in classic de Lint fashion.
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