The Far Realm Chronicles Anthology – A Sexy Bundle of 3 Fantasy Erotic Romance Novelettes from Steam Books, Steam Books, Annette Archer
Steam Books,Annette Archer

The Far Realm Chronicles Anthology – A Sexy Bundle of 3 Fantasy Erotic Romance Novelettes from Steam Books


Compiled for you in this tome are three tales of THE FAR REALM CHRONICLES. Fantasy and romance author Annette Archer invites you to a world where magic stirs and creatures lurk, but love indeed conquers all.

The world of the Far Realm is filled with wonders, dangers, romance, lust, and thrills. Each novelette-length title in this loosely-connected series showcases another facet of this fantasy universe's characters, races, history and relationships. Whether it be a wondrous elf, a sexy prince, warrior maidens, or tenacious dragons, The Far Realm Chronicles is sure to provide excitement and romance.

This anthology includes (titles also available separately):

Estogan is a dashing but disgraced prince, trying to win back whatever respect he had from his father and kingdom by accomplishing the impossible: stealing dragon eggs from their nest. Along the way, he and his two cohorts encounter Temani, a mysterious woman warrior, and they can't tell if she means them harm or help, but what Estogan does know is the passion she inspires in his heart, and his loins…?

This tale of excitement and romance finds Melodielle, princess of the Crystal Elves, on the eve of her arranged wedding to a human prince. Danger rears its head as deadly Red Goblins attack, but Melodielle has even bigger problems: she dreads her upcoming marriage, and what's more, she's fallen for her Tolan, her brave and handsome guard. How will her heart win out… and how will she stay alive in the process?

Prince Thanus arrives in the town of Damiste merely planning a short stop on his way to official business. Little does he know, however, that the town's cult of Temporalists, superstitious men who demonize sex, and the mysterious woman named Ethelia that they are hunting for, will provide him more danger and excitement than he'd ever bargained for.

WARNING: This 32,600-word (about 163 pages) compilation is a steamy read that features explicit scenes of passionate lovemaking in an epic medieval fantasy setting and may be too much for some readers to handle!

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