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Chloe Rayban

Drama Queen

When Jessica's parents split up she is confused. Jessica can't understand how people can fall out of love any more than she can understand how her best friend can fall in love with a boy called Cedric who wears a luminous anorak, when Jessica herself will settle for nothing less than complete perfection. And what about her art teacher, Mrs Mills? How can she be single when she's so pretty without her glasses? Jessica can see that her help is needed and just like a modern day Emma, sets about interfering with the love lives of those closest to her (when she really should have known better). This is a very funny, very touching exploration of a teenager getting to grips with the complicated rules of attraction, and quietly deals with much bigger themes of family, friendship and responsibility.
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    Then, of course, the more you get to know someone, the more enters into the equation. Like ambition, for instance. He might want to be a brain surgeon, whereas I might just settle for being, say, a parking warden. So the equation would become unbalanced.
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    It’s love – there’s no logic to it. But there should be. Surely love is the most important thing in life? Who you ended up with couldn’t simply be down to chance.

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