Soothe the Savage Beast, Carrie Ryan, Michael A Stackpole
Carrie Ryan,Michael A Stackpole

Soothe the Savage Beast

249 štampanih stranica
What happens when you come back from the dead?
Or when a girl falls for the monster under her bed?
What is it that makes a monster terrifying?

In Soothe the Savage Beast you'll learn the answer to these questions and many others, in stories by some of today's best known genre authors. this collection of monster stories features werewolves, zombies, vampires, and every other sort of creature that goes bump in the night, sure to thrill and terrify. If you're looking for monster stories, look no further than to Soothe the Savage Beast.

Edited by Bryan Young, every story in this collection features illustrations by Erin Kubinek.

“After the Cure” by Carrie Ryan
“Plague Window” by Jason Young
“The Monster in Me” Maxwell Alexander Drake
“Star Crossed” by Maggie Allen
“In Quest of the Beast” by Jean Rabe
“The Candidate” by Ron Garner
“The Krells of Tancras Moor” by Michael A. Stackpole
“Well-Suited” by Aaron Rosenberg
“For All Eternity” by Janine K. Spendlove
“The Black House” by Bryan Young
“The Most Precious Memory” by Beth Revis
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