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Zoe McKey

Tame Your Emotions

Do insecurities and a lack of self-confidencekeep you down? Do you feel inferior and worthless compared to others?

Good news: you CAN turn the sinking ship of negative feelings around. Emotional insecurities can be changed and improved by understanding the nature of the emotions and learning the pathways to handle them. Everything you now perceive to be impossible is achievable. You just have to learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs.
Chase away your fears and smash your obstacles with the power of emotional stability.
Tame Your Emotions is a collection of the most common and painful emotional insecurities and their antidotes. Even the most successful people have fears and self-sabotaging habits. But they also know how to use them to their advantage and keep their fears on a short leash. This is exactly what my book will teach you — using the tactics of experts and research-proven methods.

Emotions can’t be eradicated. But they can be controlled.

* How to control your thoughts to take remarks less personally.
* How to handle disadvantage or highly adverse conditions.
* How to use your personal strengths to your advantage.
* Develop the ability to connect with others — despite social anxiety.

Fear tells you that you’re on the path of improvement.

*Heal your emotional insecurities with three simple, 5-minute exercises.
*Control hypersensitivity.
*Identify and ditch the worst forms of emotional insecurities: arrogance, aggression, and overconfidence.
*Learn to help your partner with his or her insecurities.
Understanding and learning to control our emotions open up the gates of a happy and balanced life. Emotional stability gives you a peace of mind. You rarely lose your temper and don’t hurt yourself or those around you so often. You will understand your emotions better thus you’ll know the right response to them — rational responses not impulsive ones.

Become confident, composed, and emotionally secure today with the help of Tame Your Emotions!
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  • Digne Destinyje citiraoпрошле године
    - fear of obstacles

    - fear of judgment

    - fear of comparison

    - fear of the future
  • Digne Destinyje citiraoпрошле године
    People take themselves too seriously and often throw themselves a pity party if they mess something up.
  • Digne Destinyje citiraoпрошле године
    People with high levels of emotional confidence never stop believing in themselves. Those who love and understand themselves — who aren't afraid to be who they really are — rarely feel insecure.

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