Magic Blood of Alpha's Broken Mate

My name is Sarah.
I am an alpha female, but I live like a slave in the middle of my father's pack. I am just the bastard child of my family, the product of rape and everyone hates me. I hoped that when I turned 18 my life would change. But everything got worse, and on my eighteenth birthday my own mother tried to kill me, but the odds were in my favor. I lived while my mother died.
I continued to hope that something would change.
All I wanted in this life was to find someone to love me. All I wanted was to find my mate, and more than that I wanted that mate to be my friend, Patrick, the Alpha King's son. The only man who ever showed me some kindness.
I hoped that he would take me out from Blood Mon Pack, where my father tolerated me only because of the magic in my blood.
It is said that hope dies last.
Well folks! Let me tell you, my hope died! The day I found out that Patrick wanted my sister, and that I was just a tool in his hands.
Like I said, I'm Sarah Thompson. In the eyes of some werewolves, I am less than a slave. But is that an actual fact or my pack members got it wrong?

This is book 2 of the series
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