R.M. Lewis

The Top 50 Ab Workouts to Lose Belly Fat & Achieve The Body You Want

FINALLY you are going to get that flat stomach like you always said you would!

There is NO SECRET when it comes to losing belly fat or getting a six-pack. All you have to do is train your abdominal muscles effectively and eat right. In this book, you'll find the 50 most effective ab exercises and workouts that will strengthen and grow your abdominal muscles and burn belly fat!

This book is exactly what you need to get started on the path to having the body you envision. And if you already feel you're in pretty good shape, then even better! Because this book will help you get what you've always dreamed of… six pack abs!

In this book you'll learn:

- Exactly how to perform 50 unique ab exercises

- The 50 best ab workouts

- Exercises that hit all facets of your abdominal muscles and obliques

- How to combine exercise reps and holds for the best burn

- How many reps are effective for your type of body

- And much, much more!

Also, we should note that this book is only a set of instructions. You must do the work! There are no shortcuts!

This book is a tool, a guide, a trainer for you. You'll find the best results by following it and training 3 times per week, consistently week in and week out. For many people, that is a tough thing to keep up. Boredom sets in. But that's why we have 50 exercises and 50 workouts here. To help you keep going, the variety of exercises will combat the boredom factor, and even help your body get to where you want it faster by not plateauing when it gets used to a particular routine. Each exercise hits those muscles in a slightly different way, which pushes them farther along, giving greater results!

Scroll up and get access to these 50 workouts and exercises with just one click!
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