Elizabeth Coldwell,Lucy Felthouse,Giselle Renarde,Cèsar Sanchez Zapata,Lynn Lake,Landon Dixon,Serles,Mia Lovejoy,Courtney James,Gary Philpott,Angela Goldsberry,J.R. Roberts,Jasmine Benedict,Kate J. Cameron,Megan Hussey,Shashauna

Crimes of Passion

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“This great collection of sensual erotic stories with a fine collection of naughty thieves and fraudsters will leave you breathless and trembling with excitement!” (Jade Magazine)

Even fraudsters and thieves need a little love and a lot of sexual satisfaction sometimes. Whether they’re behind bars or still at large, these fun-loving criminals get a kick out of being very naughty  and it’s going to take a lot to persuade them back on to the straight and narrow.

Damsel in Distress by Troy Seate

A speed trap outside a dusty desert town results in more than a husband and wife reunion, when they find themselves in the hands of naughty police officers who definitely love to break the law. Is distress, like pleasure, all in the mind and body of the beholder?

Belly Dance by Landon Dixon

Vi Voom was pregnant, according to her husband, Hollywood’s shortest movie tycoon Colonel Tilson T. Pickett. And he hadn’t salted her eggs, because his lil’ pardner’d been limper than Hoover’s economic recovery plan the past six months. The ol’ cowpoke wanted Dick Polk to find the penetrating perpetrator, and the Tinseltown PI was up for the task, in more ways than one. Little did they both realize, though, that Polk’s poking around would uncover the deepest, darkest, dirtiest secret any sultry screen siren could dare to conceal under her filmy femme frock.

Who Pays? by J. R. Roberts

Wanting to enjoy the late summer sunshine, the young couple head south, planning to spend a day hanging out at the beach. But what starts as a frisky fumble whilst speeding down the motorway gets them into big trouble. Pulled over for erratic driving by a handsome, horny traffic cop and unable to pay the on the spot fine, they all agree on another form of payment. Up the embankment, Miss gets swept right off her feet and Sir ends up having a close encounter with a tree. So who does pay?

Return of the Black Lily by Elizabeth Coldwell

The former jewel thief known as The Black Lily is now living in retirement, but she’s finding it boring, even with her lover and slave, Jocelyn, by her side. An invitation to a friend’s weekend house party offers the chance of a return to her old life, when she spots an antique jade sex toy she simply has to have. But what will be the consequences of taking such a thrilling risk?

The Fire Triangle by Mia Lovejoy

Vern feels the burn for a hot new recruit on his fire crew rumoured to be a lesbian and a witch. Married to Holly, his attraction to Claire couldn’t be more inappropriate. Just when Vern thinks his devilish desire for a scorching love triangle is under control, all hell breaks loose as arson fires pop up on the forest. As the district’s only Law Enforcement Officer, he is obligated to investigate. Fortunately, he can’t help but to get himself into a compromising

Internal Affairs by Megan Hussey

Pamela is a police detective hot on the trail of Killian Kay, a gorgeous male escort. Yet as she closes in for the big sting, he also ‘closes in’ – treating her to a heated seduction that leaves her breathless. A renowned and skilful lover, he shows her exactly why women all over the city are paying for his attentions – and when she pulls out the handcuffs, he begs for hers in return. Their passions explode in the confines of an elegant hotel room on a dark and steamy night; leading Pamela to learn a whole new meaning for the term ‘internal affairs’.

Out of Body by Giselle Renarde

The moment Shirley the psychic detective gets her hands on a picture of the missing young man, she knows precisely where he is: strung up naked against the door of a dank motel room. The Master approaches, riding crop in hand… Was young Luca brought to the scene by force or was he a willing participant in his own disappearance?

What’s All This, Then? by Lucy Felthouse

Police officer Madison is experiencing the most boring shift of her life. So boring, in fact, that she thinks it's never going to end. In an attempt to find something to keep her occupied, she heads out of town to a quiet area, popular with troublemakers. She's hoping to bust some spotty teenagers for possession or indecent exposure. However, the wrongdoers she does come across are far from teenaged. And what they're doing has an effect on her she's definitely not expecting. One that could get her into a great deal of trouble.

Blackmailer Transformed by Serles

Lessie thinks she’s got away with her devious scheme to seduce and blackmail rich senator Owen, but she hasn’t reckoned with his father, Lester, getting personally involved in paying the money needed to keep Lessie quiet – or his ability to give her all the sexual satisfaction his son couldn’t…

The Puzzle of Natalie X by Cèsar Sanchez Zapata

Who is the stunning Natalie X, and what does she have to do with the biggest vice ring in the North-west of England. On her trail among low-lifes and petty criminals, a world-weary detective finds himself caught up in a web of blackmail, intrigue and all-consuming lust.

Rough Justice by Angel Propps

When Kelliann decides to take her motorcycle on a long ride out to the secluded cabin on the lake for a few solitary games she is unaware that Detective Presley Jones is in very hot pursuit. But after a wild tryst that sees the two gorgeous women using whips, dildos and some wicked good bondage it is a sure bet that Presley will hunt Kelliann down again and again.

In Brief by Kate J. Cameron

Kara and Jack, two highly successful oil and gas attorneys, have reached an impasse over the final terms of a large deal they have been working on for weeks. Alone in the conference room, each being stubborn, each angry as hell at the other… something has to give. And in this case, it’s buttons, zippers and all manner of clothing.

Taking Down Her Particulars by Courtney James

It’s the strangest case of private eye Don Byron’s career – someone is stealing the panties of glamorous burlesque dancer, Honey Deluxe. Don is soon on the trail of the thief, but will his strong erotic attraction to Honey cause him to break his rule of never mixing business with pleasure?

Diamonds Aren’t Forever by Tony Haynes

When the fabled Farchetti diamond goes missing from Tiffany’s, Inspector Hart is called in to handle the case. Faced with the classy, smooth talking cat burglar Eve Cassidy, Hart begins to suspect that he is out of his depth, in more ways than one.

Sex Rides The Bus by Landon Dixon

Stephen looked every bit the mid-level accountant he was, fastidiously groomed and conservatively dressed, hair parted to the right, dark blue suit slightly shiny with wear. But even mild-mannered accountants can dream. And so when the tall, slender brunette got on the bus at the next stop, Stephen hoped and prayed she’d sit down on the seat next to him, knowing she wouldn’t. But she did, and the man’s dream quickly and unexpectedly turned into fantasy… then nightmare.

The Naughty Rich Girl by Angela Goldsberry

When your father is very rich and you’re very spoiled, you can get away with just about anything – or so she thinks when she plans an afternoon shoplifting at the best department store in the local mall. But she hasn’t reckoned with the store’s sexy head of security – or his deliciously unorthodox methods of dealing with naughty girls who take what isn’t theirs…

Foot-fall by Lynn Lake

He’d been attending to another guest at the front desk, when he’d first heard the clickety-clack of silver-tipped heels on the polished marble floor of the luxury hotel lobby. These particular high heels heralded four-inches of reinforced leather with metal tips, a tall, lean woman of lengthy leggage used to flaunting her lower limbs in such heels. She was Lillian, the new night manager, and she’d soon have leg and foot fetisher David tightly wrapped around her little toe.

The Surveillance Operation by Gary Philpott

DC Mike Henderson and DS Helen Baxter are on surveillance. Being on surveillance usually means spending a long, boring night in a parked up car, watching not very much: but not tonight. Baxter is Mike’s boss and a lot more attractive than his usual partner. When their suspect heads to the notorious Rattlesnake Club, they have no choice but to follow him in. How far will they go to avoid blowing their cover? Will it affect Mike’s career prospects to get down and dirty with his very bossy boss, who, surprisingly, seems to know her way around?

Mimi by Jasmine Benedict

Mimi loves to flirt with danger just for kicks. She lives to please herself; to satisfy her every whim and gratify her every carnal urge, but that can prove troublesome when you’re living in Chicago in the twenties. Alcohol is outlawed and the danger Mimi flirts with is the kind that lands the imprudent in jail. When she finds herself arrested when a speakeasy is raided, the cops want information, but she doesn’t plan to give it up without fair compensation in return.

Speeding Ticket by Shashauna P. Thomas

The last thing Kathleen wants is to be late on her first day in a new job, but when she’s pulled over for speeding by a gorgeous female state trooper who’s all too keen to respond to her sexual advances, she begins to think punctuality is overrated. But what will happen when she finally reaches her workplace?
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