Michelle Hogan

Keto in 28

Research shows that a ketogenic diet not only helps with weight loss, it can improve blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Keto in 28 is the plan that tells you everything you need to know to succeed on your ketogenic diet.
A comprehensive ketogenic diet cookbook, Keto in 28 equips you with shopping lists, weekly menus, delicious recipes, and more. It’s your key to starting and staying on the ketogenic diet.
Keto in 28 helps you in a number of ways:
28-Day Meal Plan—It cuts carbs and curbs sugar cravings while encouraging creative ways to indulge in flavorful foods.125 Recipes—This ketogenic diet includes Skillet Baked Eggs, Brown Butter-Lime Tilapia, Lemon Cheesecake, and much more—including complete nutritional information.Customizable Keto—You’ll find suggestions on altering menus to your taste and tips on stocking your kitchen with ketogenic diet go-tos.Losing weight and gaining tools for transforming what and how you eat—these are just a few of the benefits of the ketogenic diet. It’s all in this book.
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