The Codex Lacrimae, Part 2, A.J. Carlisle
A.J. Carlisle

The Codex Lacrimae, Part 2

While heroes from three religions unite to save all existence, the quest for Mimir’s Well begins! 
The Nine Worlds of medieval times are threatened by threats from Norse and Gaelic mythology, and only the teenagers Clarinda Trevisan & Servius Aurelius Santini can prevent the return of the darkest of the Artifacts of Destiny, the Codex Lacrimae.
On a quest to find the Well of the Worlds and All-Knowing Mimir —  an action-filled journey that sees the young heroes in breathtaking battles from the besieged Krak des Chevaliers on Midgard, to the Weeping Wood of Svartalfheim, to the Dwarf-Caverns of Nidaveller, and thence to the fabled Fjords of Asgard — Clarinda and Aurelius will discover whether their growing friendship can stand against the host of villainous enemies, supernatural forces, and the march-to-war on different planes of existence that attend the potential return of the Book of Tears.
The Dark Book lies at the center of the chaos sweeping the Nine Worlds, and the youths will need to find a way to rely on each other if they are to overcome a host of new threats — the Rock Giants, the Wild Hunt, Fafnir the Dragon, and the Midgard Serpent … all of whom have joined Hela the Death Queen, the Huntsmen of Muspelheim, and the Devil himself in the hunt for the Codex Lacrimae!
With an unpredictable outcome that confounds traditional expectations of the genre, the second part of The Codex Lacrimae will surprise and delight readers of epic fantasy!
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