The Wonder That Was Ours, Alice Hatcher
Alice Hatcher

The Wonder That Was Ours

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Winner of the Dzanc Books Prize for Fiction
Author is a member of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, Society of Southwestern Authors, and the Arizona Authors’ Association
Prior to winning the Dzanc Prize for Fiction, the novel was a finalist for the Bellingham Review, a finalist in the Tucson Festival of Books Masters’ Competition, and won an honorable mention in the Glimmer Train Fiction Open
Author received grants from the National Science Foundation, Center for European Studies, Mellon Foundation, American Philosophical Society, and the North American Council on British Studies, among others, to complete research related to the novel
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Ирина Осипенко
Ирина Осипенкоje citiralaпре 7 дана
Not all humans possess the same abilities and inclinations, of course. Some can barely lurch. For every deposed prime minister sailing off in a private jet, billions of humans huddle in the crowded steerage of listing ships. Those with nothing to barter for wings live in the shadows of dead factories, nest in condemned houses, and rummage in dumpsters. They dream of leaving. Who can blame them?

More and more, the wealthier and winged members of the human race have been migrating upward rather than outward, building towers of steel and glass to remove themselves from the smell of sewers and the sounds of traffic. They sense what the poor have long known: the world is getting crowded. Professor Cleave still insists that rampant irresponsibility will come home to roost, that “those elevated by greed or accident of birth won’t be able to ignore” (or fumigate, we’d add) “the dispossessed forever.”
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