P. G. Wodehouse

Jeeves takes charge

Wodehouse wrote dozens of stories and several novels detailing the comical misadventures of Bertie Wooster, a befuddled young Englishman, and his resourceful butler, Jeeves. “Jeeves Takes Charge” is one of the earliest stories in the series. Bertie recounts how he came to hire Jeeves in the story. In “Jeeves Takes Charge,” as in all the “Jeeves and Wooster” stories, Bertie foolishly gets himself into a difficult predicament and it is up to Jeeves to save him. Wodehouse’s stories were very popular when they were published, and they are still widely read today. His particular brand of humor continues to amuse many people as the numerous fan clubs that are found on the Internet demonstrates.
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    Funny.. a great read

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    Nice book.


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