Elizabeth Coldwell,Eva Hore,Alana James,J. Manx,Elise Hepner

Red Hot Reads One

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Red Hot Reads offers five fabulous, varied stories by the very best erotic writers,

Snow Day by Elizabeth Coldwell

When Judy’s longed-for day at the spa is cancelled due to bad weather, she can hardly hide her disappointment. But her husband, Gary, has some ideas for creating a spa experience of his own, offering some rather kinky ‘treatments’.

My Two Halves by Alana James

Laura is enchanted by The Magician the moment she sets eyes on him and, as the evening progresses, she finds herself become the star of an erotic magic performance she could never have even imagined.

Toys for the Girls by Eva Hore

Sheila has never been to a sex shop, but once her best friend, Melissa, helps her overcome her initial nerves, she quickly discovers the advantages of trying new things, and not just toys.

A Collar and Tie by Elise Hepner

Since being dismissed from his job, New Yorker, Charlie Anderson, has lost not only his confidence, but his sexual identity. His new employer, the domineering, Gayle Truman, quickly helps him reclaim both and more.

Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed by J. Manx

Tina’s had enough of her husband doting on his best mate and vows on showing Joe the cold shoulder when they meet. However, things don’t quite work out as she planned, and Tina ends up showing a lot more to Joe than her shoulder, and her husband couldn’t be more supportive.
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