Pachinko, Min Jin Lee
Min Jin Lee


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Yeongdo, Korea 1911.

In a small fishing village on the banks of the East Sea, a club-footed, cleft-lipped man marries a fifteen-year-old girl. The couple have one child, their beloved daughter Sunja. When Sunja falls pregnant by a married yakuza, the family face ruin. But then Isak, a Christian minister, offers her a chance of salvation: a new life in Japan as his wife.

Following a man she barely knows to a hostile country in which she has no friends, no home, and whose language she cannot speak, Sunja’s salvation is just the beginning of her story.

Through eight decades and four generations, Pachinko is an epic tale of family, identity, love, death and survival.

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Очень познавательно. Слишком грустно. Секс был ни к чему. А все остальное понравилось.

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Tragic but a powerful story.

asasiprje podelio/la utisakпре 2 године
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It's really a great story.

Love for God, he’d thought, should come naturally and not out of fear of punishment.
I was worried she was taking speed while drinking. I heard girls do that at clubs.”
but even so—she was only a wife.
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