Lean Forward into Your Life, Mary Anne Radmacher
Mary Anne Radmacher

Lean Forward into Your Life

An ode to living a purposeful, creative life that “touches your heart and your soul” (Deborah Stephens, coauthor of This Is Not the Life I Ordered).
This is a commonplace book for leading an uncommon life. An uncommon life need not include fame and fortune. To live an uncommon life is to pay attention, take care of yourself, live large from the heart.
The chapters form a to-do list for living this way: live with intention * walk to the edge * listen hard * play with abandon * practice wellness * laugh * risk love * continue to learn * appreciate your friends * choose with no regret * fail with enthusiasm * stand by your family * celebrate the holidays that make sense * lead or follow a leader * do what you love * live as if this is all there is

“A book of healing and grace.”—Jane Kirkpatrick, author of A Clearing in the Wild
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