Don't You Know I Love You, Laura Bogart
Laura Bogart

Don't You Know I Love You

The last place Angelina Moltisanti ever wants to go is home. She barely escaped life under the roof, and the thumb, of her violent but charismatic father, Jack. Yet home is exactly where she ends up after an SUV plows into her car just weeks after she graduates from college, fracturing her wrist and her hopes to start a career as an artist.
Angelina finds herself smothered in a plaster cast, in Jack's obsessive urge to get her a giant accident settlement, in her mother Marie's desperation to have a second chance, and in her own stifled creativity — until she meets Janet, another young artist who inspires her to push herself into making the dynamic, unsettling work that tells the story of her scars, inside and out. But excavating this damage, as relations with her father become increasingly tense, will push Angelina into making a hard choice: will she embrace her father's all-consuming and empowering rage, or find another kind of strength?
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Lili Reinhart
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👍Vredna čitanja

This is insanely cute


Raúl Tucumbi
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nything back.

“I said you ran the sto
sdhbhmybyje citiraoпре 3 месеца
This pain was an iron fist in a velvet glove, a muffled knock that broke the door off its hinges.
reiyah2309je citiraoпре 3 месеца
No is the most beautiful word you’ll ever learn,” Ms. Crostini said.

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