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Soon to be a Netflix series from the producer of The Crown The phenomenal new thriller from the bestselling author of Sometimes I Lie 'Not just fiendish but positively Feeneyish — dark, ingenious and very clever' Cara Hunter, author of Close to Home Ten years of marriage. Ten years of secrets. An anniversary they'll never forget. Adam and Amelia are spending the weekend in the Scottish Highlands. The remote location is perfect for what they have planned. But when their romantic trip takes a dark turn, they both start to wonder — can they trust the one they're with? Because every couple tells little white lies. Only for Adam and Amelia, the truth is far more dangerous. 'I loved it!' Sarah Pinborough, author of Behind Her Eyes 'Chilling and clever, with a twist so sharp you'll get whiplash' Chris Whitaker, author of We Begin at the End 'A staggering novel filled with tension, suspense, and an ending that will leave you flabbergasted' Samantha Downing, author of My Lovely Wife What…
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    I’ll always feel guilty about cheating on my wife, but Saint Amelia slept with someone she shouldn’t have too. It’s as if she conveniently forgets that part of the story.
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    Nobody should promise to love somebody else forever, the most any sane individual should do is promise to try. What if the person you married becomes unrecognisable ten years later? People change and promises – even the ones we try to keep – sometimes get broken.
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    The second pill should do the trick – it normally does, even when I secretly crush them and put them in her tea. S

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