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Violet Haze

Hungry Heart

I've been in an open relationship with Nathan, my long-term boyfriend, who already has another girlfriend. So far, no one has sparked my interest until Benedict Grant, a charismatic local businessman, catches my attention at my favorite cafe and discreetly slips his card into my pocket.

What starts as a chance encounter quickly blossoms into a passionate whirlwind romance. As our connection deepens, secrets we've held close transform into mutual desires, and everything feels right—until a devastating murder of someone close to me turns my world upside down, leaving me reeling and heartbroken.

Now, with my life irrevocably altered and doubts creeping in about the power of love alone to sustain us, I'm left wondering… will Benedict prove he’s the one who can truly soothe my hungry heart?
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  • Kyarin Khadkaje citiraoпре 12 дана
    Our lips are so close, and I admit it, I’m extremely turned on by our position. He smells amazing, he’s gorgeous, and he wants me. And I wish he’d lean in and kiss me, but I feel the hesitation to go forward in him
  • Kyarin Khadkaje citiraoпре 12 дана
    I’ll be twenty-one tomorrow. You?”

    “Nice.” He drops his hand, stepping back as the cashier behind us announces the total to the person ordering, and smiles at me. “I’m thirty. But it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to make sure you were legal.”
  • Kyarin Khadkaje citiraoпре 12 дана
    His deep voice is sexy just as I imagined

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