Philippa Carr

The Daughters of England Books 7–9

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Continuing the romantic multigenerational saga by a New York Times–bestselling author whose novels have sold over 100 million copies.
The Song of the Siren: Carlotta, the love child of Priscilla Eversleigh and Jocelyn Frinton, grows up in the shadow of war during the reign of Queen Anne. When she’s abducted by the charismatic Jacobite leader Lord Hessenfield, they fall into a passionate affair. After she’s released, the pregnant Carlotta marries to save her daughter Clarissa’s legitimacy, but plunges into reckless affairs with other men—including the man beloved by her half sister, Damaris. Even as the half sisters are torn apart by their passion for the same man, they are bound by their love for Clarissa.
The Drop of the Dice: Not unlike her mother, Clarissa Field loses her heart to Jacobite rebel, Dickon Frenshaw. But 1715 England is a dangerous place to be a young woman in love. Dickon is caught and exiled to Virginia, and Clarissa is married off to rakish soldier Lance Clavering. Caught between two men, she must navigate scandal, treachery, and betrayal. As civil strife threatens to ignite revolution, Clarissa is accused of being a spy. She faces a terrible choice, and must transform her life to prepare her daughter, Zipporah, for her legacy.
The Adulteress: Happily married, Zipporah Ransome journeys from Clavering Court to her family’s ancestral home in Eversleigh. But at nearby Enderby House, a mysterious place connected to her notorious grandmother Carlotta, Zipporah discovers untapped desires—and the price of their fulfillment. Unable to resist the sensual charms of enigmatic Frenchman Gerard d’Aubigné, Zipporah is swept up in an affair that leaves her with a haunting secret. Soon her life begins to mirror Carlotta’s, as scandal, violence, and deception threaten to destroy her home. No one, especially not Zipporah and her daughter, will be left unscathed.
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