Lucy Agace

Barbados Dive Guide

Barbados is the renowned jewel of the Caribbean, famous for white sandy beaches decorated with palm trees and surrounded by clear warm water, but below the waves the thriving coral reefs are teeming with marine life, from tiny seahorses to giant whale sharks. The Barbados Dive Guide 2nd edition book depicts the natural beauty of this underwater world with over 150 stunning photos, so any level of diver can experience these wonders for themselves, either on location, or from the comfort of their armchair.
Lucy Agace designed this updated book so scuba divers and snorkelers alike are forearmed with all the information they will need to plan their trip. Lucy describes in depth each of the dive centres and 39 dive sites around the island and includes handy details about the location, dive type, depth, skill level and photo tip. All the dive locations are marked on an island map and included are specific dive and wreck illustrations, all designed to help you get the best out of your diving. Lucy shares her experiences with some of the many exciting and unusual marine creatures she finds, book onto one of her guided tours and see for yourself. This high quality book is a 'must have' for expert to novice divers, snorkelers and also greatly appreciated by non-divers who can enjoy the captivating beauty of the island's fascinating marine life.
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