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Miranda Sherry

Bone Meal For Roses

Her childhood nearly destroyed her. Only the magic of the garden could save her.
Poppy was six years old when she was rescued from her abusive mother and taken to her grandparents’ farm to recover. There, under a wide South African sky, Poppy succumbs to the magic of their garden. Slowly, her memories fade and her wounds began to heal.
But as Poppy grows up into a strange, fierce and beautiful young woman, her childhood memories start to surface. And then a love affair with a married man across the valley explodes her world…
336 štampanih stranica
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Head of Zeus
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Head of Zeus
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  • Allyzza Jean Pendonje citiraoпре 8 дана
    How the hell did you two get it together to do that?
  • Allyzza Jean Pendonje citiraoпре 8 дана
    ow the hell did you two get it together to do that?
  • ndivho Ramavhonaje citiralaпре 2 месеца
    Poppy can’t remember what the windows were like in the place they stayed before, or the place before that, but she knows that they were no closer to the ones in television homes than this one is.

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