Bryan Keyleader

Ultimate Crime Prevention: Predicting a Crime with Efficiency

 The modern world is drastically changing and many people are far from ever understanding the patterns that current criminality follows.

In a precise description of several issues unknown to the vast majority of the population, this book intends to promote a higher conscience about how crime really occurs and how to predict one from ever occurring.

This is, therefore, a manual of self-help mostly dedicated to Travelers and Law Enforcement Officers.

Within the different chapters, it’s possible to obtain information on how a criminal thinks, which environments offer less safety and why, how does a crime occurs, but also how to predict one from ever occurring.

The information here presented may surprise the reader but it’s as sharp as it can get and goes far beyond what even a police officer usually knows.

The content here provided combines insights from many fields, namely Special Anti-Terrorist Units, Police Officers, Security Guards, but mostly, hundreds of personally witnessed and investigated situations.

The Author, a well-known researcher and self-defense Instructor, provides here a synthesis of decades working in this field.
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