Earth is Hiring, Peta Kelly
Peta Kelly

Earth is Hiring

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Is ‘hustle and grind’ really the message of The New Way? Is financial freedom really what it’s about? is ‘living life on our terms’ really the summit of this mission? Is The New Way about becoming more successful than our generations before us?

This book is a conversation about The New Way to Live, Lead, Earn, and Give. It is a collection of insights and ideas about how we can, and how we are, changing the world. It’s an invitation to the New Superheroes—the people all over the world who give a sh*t about each other and our earth—to lighten up in our work as Game Changers. It’s a time stamp so that our kids and their kids can read it and say, “oh, so that’s what you were growing through back then…”

The New Way is not just about having more money at the end of the month. Success as we’d been taught isn’t sufficient. Success to our generation looked and felt completely different to what it looked and felt like to generations before us. We millennials do not thrive off gains in a capitalist society. The religious separation that our parents’ generation know is torturing our hearts. Our planet isn’t a place for us to holiday, but a place of permanent residence with the requirement that we nurture and love our Mother Earth as our one collective mother. There is no ’top’ when it comes to leadership, but instead we’re all about the power of tribe. We don’t care to move forward at lightning speed, but would rather to stop and go back to our indigenous roots and ensure that ancient wisdoms are never forgotten. Taking care of our brothers and sisters who are without basic necessities is the only way we all win. Play is everything.

We’re here to change the world, but we’ve gotta stop taking it so seriously.

We’re here to use our talents and abilities to create epic sh*t, but we’ve gotta stop missing the point along the way. It’s time for us to thrive like no generation before us ever has.

It’s time for us to show the world how good it’s really meant to be.

This book is for the millennial conscious leaders and entrepreneurs— those ushering in the new paradigm through their work, art, businesses, leadership.
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Vibeke Kruckow Rosgaard
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one before us. I struggle to read the comments on videos like that, as well intentioned as they are. Just like I struggle to watch Steve Jobs documentaries. I
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“You want to be a solution to this planet? Then don’t let anything you see in the world rob you of your smile.”

—Matt Kahn.

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