Four Divergent Stories: The Transfer, The Initiate, The Son, and The Traitor (Divergent Series), Veronica Roth
Veronica Roth

Four Divergent Stories: The Transfer, The Initiate, The Son, and The Traitor (Divergent Series)

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No puedo leer ningún libro que no este en ingles>:(

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abis baca jadi kangen divergent. not as detail as i expected but quite light reading material

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Annette Francis
Annette Francisje citiraoпре 5 месеци
I knew that after I made those choices, the test would end and I would receive Abnegation as a result.
Charlize Pedersen
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members will be.”

“I didn’t ask about them, I asked about you.” Tori’s mouth and eyes turn down at the corners like they bear little weights. Like she’s sad about something. “This is a safe room. You can say whatever you want here.”
novikurnia26je citiraoпре 10 месеци
All I have, I realize, are the small moments of rebellion I’m able to manage
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