Patti Moreno

Gardening by Cuisine

Grow an Asian Stir Fry Garden, a Mediterranean Vegetable Garden, a Latin-Caribbean Sofrito Garden, and more with this “guide for yard-to-table foodies” (The New York Times).
Even urban dwellers, with little more than a balcony or tiny backyard or windowsill, can grow their own food, thanks to Patti Moreno’s groundbreaking gardening guide! Moreno, host of the most popular garden videos on the web, has devised a unique plan for creating low-maintenance organic “cuisine gardens”—including Italian Best-Ever Marinara Sauce Garden, Asian Stir Fry Garden, and Mediterranean Vegetable Garden—that produce the vegetables, fruits, and herbs people love and eat.
She supplies dozens of easy plans, plus a generous collection of simple, delicious recipes and menus that will make the most of any garden’s bounty. Moreno’s colorful illustrations and comprehensive instructions will encourage gardeners both new and experienced to embrace sustainable living with ease and enthusiasm.
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