China Gate: An International Thriller, Fritz Galt
Fritz Galt

China Gate: An International Thriller

The President of the United States has taken an illegal kickback, and accountant Raymond O. Flowers is the only man who can prove it.

One day Raymond Flowers is a happily married man with a great job and family. The next day both his job and family are gone, the White House wants him rubbed out, he's broke and on the run and terrorists want to capture him…all because he's the key witness in a case against the President.

There's nowhere for Raymond to run when the White House, foreign governments and Islamic terrorists all want to track him down. But he does have one factor in his favor…Raymond is not a quitter. Not when he learns that his family may still be alive.

From Washington to Hollywood to Cuba to China, Raymond and a diverse group of strong-willed heroes challenge powerful forces in a full-throttle race for life, liberty, truth and justice in a story that will make you lock your doors and read all night.
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Ours to flood the world with fresh jihad.

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