Gary Grossman

Executive Actions

Both the presidency and the constitution are at stake in this tense and shockingly real political thriller.
“Grossman had done lots of research on everything from political infighting to clandestine military operations…[H]olds reader interest right up to the inevitable conclusion.”—Publisher’s Weekly
An assassin’s bullet changes the course of the presidential election—not by killing Democratic candidate Teddy Lodge but his wife. Riding a wave of popular sympathy, Lodge surges forward as the man to beat for incumbent President Morgan Taylor. Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke is ordered by President Taylor to investigate the assassination, which unravels a deadly Soviet plot that has incubate for more than decades. But it’s not just the Russians that Agent Roarke must contend with. There’s another nation’s sleeper agent poised to forever alter American policy in the Middle East.
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    Sivarama Subtramanian
    Spy Thriller
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