Ajit Mookerjee

Arts of India

This revised and enlarged edition of The Arts of India has over 150 impressive gravure and full-color illustrations. These include various important objects and monuments not usually seen in general surveys to supplement the many essential art milestones that this book features. It is also unique in beginning its visual survey with relics of India's stone age and in concluding the book with works from the nation's great folk tradition and selected paintings by modern artists.Here is a book with captions and a text that are highly readable blends of scholarly information and informal comment by an Indian art expert. This grants the reader special insights into the concepts that lie behind art so different from that of the West.Author Mookerjee has judiciously selected photographs which present the vast panorama of Indian art from its earliest beginnings. Examples of Indian folk arts and some works by 20th-century Indian artists round out this rich historic survey of over 5,000 years of continuous creativity—a collection of paintings, reliefs, statues, and architectural monuments from this sprawling sub-continent now divided into the lands of India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Burma and Afghanistan.
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