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Camus said, the only serious philosophical problem is whether or not to commit suicide.
Money is a way of measuring wealth but is not wealth in itself.
Neurologists are the first to admit that their science does not by any means comprehend the nervous system, which is only to say that the brain is far more complexly organized than our coded, linear information about it.
the brain operates intelligently without having to stop to think.
Thus every genius, who cannot explain how he paints, dances, or pitches a ball, is using his brain rather than his mind.
If I talk all the time I am not open to what anyone else has to say. Likewise, if I think (or talk to myself ) all the time, I have nothing to think about except thoughts.
Reality is, of course, neither matter nor spirit. It is a percept, not a concept, and everyone knows what it is in the sense that one knows how to breathe without the least knowledge of physiology.
But there is no grist for the intellectual mill if we get into a situation where thought is all about thinking, and where books are about nothing except other books.
It is for this reason that an enormous amount of current intellectual, philosophical, and even scientific discourse strikes me increasingly as absurd.
The problem is that literate and civilized people do not understand that their brains are much smarter than their minds, considering “mind” as the total system of verbal, mathematical, and notational rules by which we communicate and preserve information.
as Camus said, the only serious philosophical problem is whether or not to commit suicide.
being “better dead than Red”
For as the fruit implies the tree, the human organism implies a cosmic energy system which “peoples” in the same way as a plant flowers.
Basically, then, “self ” is not only the body but the whole energy system which embodies itself in all bodies.
The Greek word gymnos means “nude,” and thus a gymnasium originally
a place where everyone took off their clothes for exercise.
Instant coffee, for example, is a well–deserved punishment for being in a hurry to reach the future.
The customer wants anticipation; he has no capacity for fulfillment
The distinctive feature of Mahayana is that it regards nirvana as one and the same reality as the physical world (samsara), the difference between the two lying only in one’s point of view or state of consciousness. It was this that enabled Mahayana Buddhism to be involved in and concerned with culture, and to be a way of life for lay men and women as well as monks.
Experience your own decision as an event which happens like the opening of a bud.
In short, the point is that every project for righting the world or oneself is a conceptual fantasy, because, while we remain in the world of concepts, we cannot identify right without the contrast of left or wrong.
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