Kristine Kidd

Williams-Sonoma Gluten-Free Baking

The gourmet chef “emphasizes naturally gluten-free ingredients” in this follow-up to Weeknight Gluten Free that’s “filled with scrumptious photos” (Cooks & Books & Recipes).
Many expect gluten-free baked goods will be less delicious and satisfying than those baked with wheat flour. Not so with these recipes, which are just as over-the-top delicious as any you would find in a bakeshop display case. Author Kristine Kidd is a former editor at Bon Appétit and a gourmet chef. When she learned that she had celiac disease, she made it her mission to learn to eat and cook as well as she had before, without skimping on healthy ingredients or flavor. This must-have book includes recipes for morning treats, cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, puddings, custards, breads, and other mouthwatering desserts.
“Kidd includes quite a few recipes that naturally don’t include gluten, such as meringues, nut tortes and flourless chocolate cakes . . . In short, like many gluten-free cooks, Kidd has learned that multiple strategies are required to try to make muffins, pies, cakes and all the other usual baked goods without wheat flour and its gluten.” —Winston-Salem Journal
“For the most part the results were successful and the replacement ingredients did not sacrifice taste or texture. Am I a sudden convert to gluten-free baking? Not yet. But for now, I am happy to be guided by the steady hand of an expert like Kristine Kidd.” —Cool Food Dude
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