Alexander Guzmán Vásquez,María Andrea Trujillo Dávila,Maximiliano González Ferrero

Value-based financial management

This book poses the question: Can a private company be managed using the same criteria as a publicly traded company, basing its decisions on the same financial tools? The answer is yes, and the main objective here is to describe a basic dynamic valuation model through which senior managements can determine the “market” value of a company at any moment. In other words, although these companies remain private, the management model proposed in the book makes their decision-making process as rigorous and professional as if they were listed companies, by using appropriate financial tools that serve as the main support in the decision-making process. The model also encourages the use of different risk management tools to analyze some of the variables that affect value, so that after establishing the allowed movement ranges (risk map), hedging or mitigation mechanisms can be implemented. The objectives outlined in this book are relevant for management practice since they seek to promote a systematic, orderly, documented, and value-oriented decision-making process.
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