Talking to Strangers, Malcolm Gladwell
Malcolm Gladwell

Talking to Strangers

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Malcolm Gladwell, host of the podcast Revisionist History and #1 bestselling author of The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, David and Goliath, and What the Dog Saw, offers a powerful examination of our interactions with strangers—-and why they often go wrong.

How did Fidel Castro fool the CIA for a generation? Why did Neville Chamberlain think he could trust Adolf Hitler? Why are campus sexual assaults on the rise? Do television sitcoms teach us something about the way we relate to each other that isn't true?

Talking to Strangers is a classically Gladwellian intellectual adventure, a challenging and controversial excursion through history, psychology, and scandals taken straight from the news. He revisits the deceptions of Bernie Madoff, the trial of Amanda Knox, the suicide of Sylvia Plath, the Jerry Sandusky pedophilia scandal at Penn State University, and the death of Sandra Bland—-throwing our…
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Просто нужно быть чуть осторожнее с незнакомцами и с нашими первыми суждениями. Особенно с теми, кто не соответствует социальным нормам поведения. Ты можешь решить, что они виновны, потому что они не поддерживают зрительный контакт, дергаются и потеют, но на самом деле, наши сложившиеся в определенной ситуации паттерны поведения не совпадают с их. Мир - это не сериал "Друзья", сюжет которых можно понять по выражению лица актёров. Незнакомцы намного сложнее.
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Chamberlain was acting on the same assumption that we all follow in our efforts to make sense of strangers. We believe that the information gathered from a personal interaction is uniquely valuable. You would never hire a babysitter for your children without meeting that person first. Companies don’t hire employees blind. They call them in and interview them closely, sometimes for hours at a stretch, on more than one occasion. They do what Chamberlain did: they look people in the eye, observe their demeanor and behavior, and draw conclusions. He gave me the double handshake. Yet all that extra information Chamberlain gathered from his personal interactions with Hitler didn’t help him see Hitler more clearly. It did the opposite.
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The closest we have to Holy Fools in modern life are whistleblowers.
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We have a default to truth: our operating assumption is that the people we are dealing with are honest

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