Esq.,Timothy Moore,Thomas a’Kempis 1380–1471

The Imitation of Christ

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Thomas a’Kempis advises those who want to follow Jesus to set aside their worldly attachments and vanity in favor of the Cross of humility and poverty. Thomas’ masterpiece, The Imitation of Christ, is second only to the Bible in its popularity in Christendom. In Book One of the four books, Thomas offers practical, simple steps toward following the path of Christ. These “admonitions” are maxims and aphorisms grounded in his experience as the Novice Master of new disciples entering the Monastery.
This edition of The Imitation of Christ, with comments and insights by Timothy E. Moore, invite the reader to a quick overview of each chapter and a modern application of each meditation. Moore also provides a short, fictional narrative from the point of view of Thomas, which places the reader into the mind of the Novice Master as he composes his master work. You can follow Tim’s comments and edits through his web site at timothyedmoore.com.
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