Raden Adjeng Kartini

Letters of a Javanese Princess

Through these letters, written between 1899 and 1904, the compassion, growth, humility, and pride of a young Indonesian woman, Raden Adjeng Kartini, reach out for the reader to embrace and hold dear.
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    long to be free, to be able to stand alone, to study, not to be subject to any one, and, above all, never, never to be obliged to marry.

    But we must marry, must, must. Not to marry is the greatest sin which the Mohammedan woman can commit; it is the greatest disgrace which a native girl can bring to her family.

    And marriage among us—Miserable is too feeble an expression for it. How can it be otherwise, when the laws have made everything for the man and nothing for the woman?
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    sombre obscurity and seclusion
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    nutmegs, spikenard, galingale, cubebs, cloves

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