Tom Brown

Make Your Dreams Come True (Positive Thinking Book)

Each of us, among other things, has been taking a poll among friends and acquaintances, aiming to hear an answer to the question, ‘What do you plan? What do you want in your life?’ Typically, the answers received were equivocal. As a result, you took this information into consideration, when you analyzed a certain aspect of the life. Undoubtedly, I had such life moments as well, but always — in childhood, during my University years — they were accompanied with inner disobedience and aspiration to prove everyone. And, in the first turn, myself, that it’s possible to achieve what I long for, even if the dream seems to be unrealizable at first.

Can we deem the dream as an analogy to fantasy? We can, but is it really so? This has been my personal opinion for a long time, but as they say, I had a lucid moment, as a result, understanding what is the difference. A difference is that the fantasy differs from the dreams with an aspiration. If the aspiration in the first case starts with ‘I would like to, but…’, the aspiration for the dreams is determined by readiness to do something.

The dream is rather the sense in life. Undoubtedly, each thought is based on certain decisions, opinions etc. The sense of life consists of a chain of Goals, which make us live, move forward and do something meaningful in our life. As we know, the Goals are material and non-material, and, therefore, each person has his or her own priorities concerning the first and the second ones.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn…

- How to ‘Reflash’?

— Skewed Towards the Thoughts Thinking More Than Acting

— How to Learn to Love Yourself?

— Why Does a Person Need Dream?

— Program Yourself for Happy Life

— Much, much more! Bonus!

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