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Patrick King

Stand Up For Yourself, Set Boundaries, & Stop Pleasing Others

Expressing what you want isn’t selfish, it’s prioritizing yourself. Do you have that habit?

You don’t have to be “nice” to everyone if it means being mean to yourself. Learn to prioritize yourself and finally do only what you want to do.

The need to please is powerful, but it causes anxiety, stress, and resentment. Time to change your patterns.

Stand Up For Yourself is direct and no-nonsense. That’s because the way you prioritize others and let them stomp all over your boundaries isn’t working, so you need a change. This book teaches you how to reverse these mini-decisions, and internalize the belief that you are worth it, you are valuable, and you deserve it. Because you are, and you do.

Understand the psychology of people pleasing and how to stop it with actionable techniques.

Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and social skills coach. His writing draws of a variety of sources, from scientific research, academic experience, coaching, and real life experience.

Reprogram your beliefs and learn how to set boundaries that others can’t ignore.

Understand the psychology of letting others walk all over you, and why it makes perfect logical sense

How to break the fear of being yourself by being more generous and accepting

Knowing your self-narratives and changing them with swift action

The real psychology behind conflict and why it can appear so scary

A multitude of actionable and realistic ways to say NO to anyone

How to chart the progress of your journey to loving yourself more fully

Ditch being a doormat and become assertive

Find your voice, stand up for yourself, and put yourself first. It’s your life, so live it for yourself!
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  • liezelparris101je citiraoпре 5 месеци
    People call them doormats, pushovers, or people-pleasers, but whatever they’re called, they all seem to have the same playbook: be nice, be helpful, be kind, and no matter what you do, never ever say no
  • Fernanda Orozcoje citiraoпрошле године
    You agree to unreasonable demands to keep the peace . . . but then grow resentful about it anyway
  • Fernanda Orozcoje citiraoпрошле године
    Try the “separation of tasks” exercise above and consciously choose to let go of things that are not your responsibility and not under your control.

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