Rob Aspinall

Infinite Kill

So I’m officially dead.

An all-you-can-eat worm food buffet.

Only I’m not. Just between you and me, I’m alive and on the run.

New questions. New dangers. New scars that cut more than skin deep.

First, there’s my new travel companion. A borderline psychopath I suspect will try and kill me any moment. Second, the fact that I’m hated (totally unfairly) all over the internet. Third, the evil empire known as JPAC.

They’re out there. Planning something big. Something terrible that puts us all eyeballs deep in the dog doo.

So do I stay low and keep running? Or risk everything and fight back?

Whatever I do next, it’s going to determine the rest of my (potentially very short) life.

It could decide your fate too.

So strap yourself in and brace both bum cheeks. Whatever happens, it’s gonna get messy.

Recommended for age 16+ (Contains violence. Not for the faint hearted.)
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Rob Aspinall
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