Seller Beware, Denise Barnes
Denise Barnes

Seller Beware

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Denise Barnes was seven years old when she first realised she had a gift for selling. After a stellar career building her own business from the ground up Denise finally decided the time was ripe to enjoy her success and made plans to hand on her prospering company. But instead of settling her comfortably into an early retirement the decision to sell up plunged her into a nightmare spanning three years. Enter two charming gentlemen who sweet-talked Denise into signing everything over before miring her in legal battles ignoring financial obligations and causing her tens of thousands of pounds of unforeseen costs. Seller Beware tells with unsparing honesty Denise's horrifying yet often humorous story illustrating the myriad pitfalls involved in selling a business. With the gift of hindsight Denise reflects on how she would have handled things differently had she known the risks – and offers advice to others worried about being taken for a ride in commercial transactions. This illuminating and accessible book is not only a layman's guide on how not to sell your business but also a truly gripping tale of one woman's road to ruin.
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