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s crazy how sometimes you have to be destroyed to be made anew,”
Women don’t have to be in a relationship to feel like a Queen. I believe that a woman has the ability to crown herself. To hold herself when others refuse to. Choosing herself when others don’t. Loving herself when others are incapable.
You’re always giving but who gives to you? You’re always fighting for someone but who fights for you? How is it that you’ve gone so long constantly trying for someone who refuses to try just as much as you do? Who taught you to settle? Was it a parent? Was it your father or mother? You learned to tolerate bullshit so young and so you grow older to seek after more of that. Entertaining relationships that come with dead ends. Falling in love with people who will never catch you. It’s time for you to be the recipient of everything you’ve wasted on people who could never live up to the things they promised. It’s your turn to know how it feels to be with someone who would do anything to keep you.
Who are you exactly? You are the nothing that I forced into something. A someone who made me feel like a nobody. You wrapped your pretty lies with enough words to sound like truth, telling me everything I wanted to hear. Whispering like the devil while wearing white like angels. Your words were comforting at first but they feel deadlier than ever as I sit here beside the window, re-reading your texts, playing back everything that happened the night before. How did we even get here? How did I let this happen? I lost myself! Where have I gone? And why did it end? What was I thinking? Maybe I wasn’t.
Let go of him by loving yourself more than he’s chosen to. Let go of him by realizing that you are worth more than he can ever comprehend. I guess I’m just hoping that these words will make a difference. Maybe they won’t, maybe they will …
no matter what I’ll keep trying. Let go of him because the love you claim to have for him causes you pain. Let go of him by choosing happiness over pain and heartache. When you love yourself, giving yourself to the wrong person is something you’ll try your hardest to avoid. Let go of him and keep yourself!
Sometimes I wish my self-esteem was a bit higher or that I loved myself a bit more than I did back then. I think that’s what I was lacking, that ability to care for myself in a way that would keep me from compromising my mind and body for a relationship that would prove unworthy of my effort. If I would have cared about myself fully, I wouldn’t have sought out a love that you could never actually give me but this is what happened and this is where we are.
The love they claim to have for you just makes you feel empty and maybe it’s time for you to fill yourself up with your own love. Maybe it’s time for you to walk away just to get closer to yourself. You have to know that you mean something, you have to realize that something good is waiting for you behind all the people who have chosen to waste your time but you just have to learn to look past them in order to see more of what you truly deserve.
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