Ezra Pound


The best of Ezra Pound's early work. Includes Night Litany, Fair Helena, Francesca, Aux Belles de Londres, Greek Epigram, Plotinus, A Song of the Virgin Mother, Histrion, The Eyes, Songs, Defiance, Laudantes Decem, On His Own Face in a Glass, Sestina For Ysolt, Ballad of the Goodly Fere, Portrait, Sandalpphion, Guido Invites You Thus, Pierre Vidal Old and others.
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    I have seen thee bound about with dreams,
    Lo, I have known thy heart and its desire;
    Life, all of it, my sea, and all men's streams
    Are fused in it as flames of an altar fire!
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    Editors of the English Review and the Evening Standard and St. James's Gazette
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    I am an eternal spirit and the things I
    make are but ephemera, yet I endure:
    Yea, and the little earth crumbles beneath
    our feet and we endure.

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