Joseph,Robert E. Denton Jr.,Christopher Hetherington,Christopher J. Devine,Fred Jennings,Hanisha Besant,Henry Kenski,Joan Conners,Kate Kenski,Kyle C. Kopko,Lyombe Eko,Mitchell S. McKinney,Molly Greenwood,Stephen D. Perry,Theodore Sheckels

Studies of Communication in the 2016 Presidential Campaign

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This edited collection explores a wide range of communication elements and themes, representing a variety of topics and methodologies. It focuses broadly on the role and function of communication within the context of the 2016 United States presidential election, with chapters devoted to topics including an overview of the election from a communication perspective, the nominations, strategies of campaign visits, the impact of gender in the campaign, the impact of WikiLeaks, front page election coverage, messaging and performance of third-party candidates, Trump’s campaign announcement address, and Clinton’s concession speech. This is an eclectic collection that makes a significant contribution to current understandings of the various roles of communication in the historic presidential election of 2016.
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