9 Must-Have Conversations for a Doubt-Free Wedding Day, Gary Thomas, Rebecca Wilke, Steve Wilke
Gary Thomas,Rebecca Wilke,Steve Wilke

9 Must-Have Conversations for a Doubt-Free Wedding Day

Includes a mentor's guide and a counseling questionnaire. Did you know marriage wasn't created just to make us happy—that God calls us to use it for eternal purposes? But a satisfying, God-centered marriage takes work, starting even before you’re married or engaged. 9 Must-Have Conversations for a Doubt-Free Wedding Day acts either as a stand-alone resource or as a companion to The Sacred Search and helps you as a couple explore:How to have a doubt-free wedding dayHow to engage in healthy conflictWhy you need to divorce divorceHow to develop and maintain sexual intimacyWhy asking hard questions now is better than asking them five years from nowWhen you love each other with God’s purposes in mind, intentional conversation becomes not just preparation for marriage but the first step in merging two lives into one for the ultimate glory of God. Includes a mentor’s guide, a counseling questionnaire, as well as a pastor/counselor's premarital plan for walking a couple through the guide.
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ignoring the preparation necessary to get your heart, soul, mind, and body ready to enter marriage.

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