Contemporary American Monologues for Men, Todd London
Todd London

Contemporary American Monologues for Men

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Audition monologues for male characters selected from recent works by American playwrights including Tony Kushner, Jon Robin Baitz, Constance Congdon, Paula Vogel, Donald Margulies, Emily Mann, Eric Bogosian, Nicky Silver, and others. Unique to the TCG monologue series is a bibliography of other works by the playwrights included.
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dylane94892пре 3 године
: I can just leave you here. You know that? I’ll just leave you here and you can die in the cold. I’ll leave you here if I want!
Half of me wants to do that. Lie right down there, Dad! Cover yourself up! Go to sleep! Let them find you tomorrow morning! You’ll be doing me a favor! I won’t have to point to you, saying, “That’s my father, that janitor there!” See the bent old man with the mop? The old slave dragging his feet? That’s my proud old man! (Ramon falls in the snow) GET UP FOR CHRISSAKES! Don’t you have any pride at all? Are you going to let this snow kill you while I stand here watching you? If you don’t get up, I’ll walk, I’ll leave, I swear! (Bending down over his father) Why can’t you help yourself? Why? (Low) Why can’t you help . . . yourself? You should never have bent down so I could wipe my feet on your back. I never asked you to do that for me. Why did you do that for me? Why were you that way for me? Why did you suffer so fucking quietly?

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