Mark Baimbridge

Britain in a Global World

This edited collection explores the future options for the UK regarding its relationship with the European Union (EU). Since Britain applied for membership in 1961, the nature of the relationship between the UK and the EU has been central to economic and political debate, being widely perceived as ‘inevitable’, because withdrawal from the process would leave Britain isolated and largely powerless. However, this book challenges this presumption by illustrating that it could be in Britain’s long-term interest to seek positive and plausible global policy options if it were to be released from the rigidities and constraints imposed by aspects of EU membership (e.g. economic policy, agriculture and fisheries, trade relations, taxation policy, labour relations, social policy, human rights and civil liberties, foreign policy, sovereignty and national identity) Britain might benefit from a looser relationship. Hence, the effective choice Britain possesses is between an essentially European future or a comprehensive global strategy.
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