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Natasha Becker

Positive Parenting

Turn Down The Heat, Stay Cool And Discover How To Raise Happy Children With Positive Parenting!

Do you recognize any of these situations?
“You are not the boss of me.”
“It´s not fair.”
“I don´t like you.”
Especially the last one can break a parent´s heart even if you know your kid doesn´t mean it.
We´ve all been there!
Your child does something wrong and all you want to do is be a good parent, explain the situation and point out the consequences.
Your kid stops listening before you´ve even started. Eventually, the situation escalates and all hell breaks loose.
At the end of the day, your kid has already forgotten about what happened in the afternoon and you are the one who aged 5 years in 30 seconds.
Wasn't it your child who was supposed to level up instead of your stress levels that spike every time this situation occurs?
Don´t worry, this is an average child-parent situation. You are not alone with your questions and fears.
According to the National Parenting Survey, 73% of all moms and dads say parenting is their biggest challenge.
1 in 4 parents feel equally terrified and motivated when it comes to raising their kids.
Parents agree that if they knew more positive parenting strategies, they would use them.
No wonder a majority of parents say they like to get parenting advice from the Supernanny or similar TV programs.
Great news, good parenting can be learned and it is much easier and less stressful than you could ever imagine.

In “The Positive Parenting Handbook”, you´ll discover:

♦ How to turn friction and rebellion into cooperation and peace
♦ How to get the support you need whenever you feel like crying, screaming or running away
♦ How to solve the discipline dilemma with the #1 key to kids attention
♦ How to overcome the expectation gap and understand children´s capabilities
♦ How your child becomes your forever friend
Practical exercises to take action on your new parenting skills
Special tools for all stages of life from crying infants to rebellious teenagers
4 pillars to stop being judged or judging yourself
And much, much more.
Parenting can be a team sport or done by one super parent.
No matter what kind of relationship parents have, there is parenting support for everyone from modern patchwork families to yogi single moms.
When it comes to parenting, communication is the golden key to the heart and the head of your kid.
Yet, words need to be chosen the right way or they can inflict harm.
Finding the right words, especially when a conflict starts to heat up can be challenging. That's when simple tricks help to keep you cool.
No matter if you already a proud parent of 5 kids or you are a first-timer, you´ll always discover new inspirations to become an even better mentor for your loved one.
Discover how to master parenting and turn the yelling hell into harmony heaven!
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