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Must Read Summaries

Summary: Good to Great Jim Collins

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This work offers a summary of the book «GOOD TO GREAT: Why Some Companies Make the Leap … and Others Don't» by Jim Collins.

Jim Collins is the founder of a management research laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. He has spent more than 10 years studying and analyzing how great companies achieve superior performance, grow and then perform consistently well. The results of this analysis have been contained in the four books he has coauthored including Built to Last and Beyond Entrepreneurship.

Can a good company become great, and if so, how does that transition process occur? To answer that question, the 40year operating results of 1,435 established companies were analyzed. From that database, 11 companies were identified which had made a sustainable transition from being good (or average or mediocre) to great.

How did these 11 companies become great, and are those lessons replicable? As Jim Collins explains in Good to Great, none of these companies launched radical or high profile change programs. Nor did they have a miracle moment where a flash of inspiration showed them the way to the “Promised Land”. Instead, they used downtoearth and pragmatic programs. In this compelling analysis, the author explains their goodtogreat transition process.

Filled with revealing stories and practical examples, Good To Great is a must read for entrepreneurs.
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Leonard ong
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Tania Bassot
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discipline, which arise from having the wrong people on the bus in the first place. If you get the right people on the bus, and the wrong people off, you don’t need a stupefying bureaucracy.
– Jim Collins
Jurij Treskow
Jurij Treskowje citiraoпре 3 године
What they can be “best in the world” at.
What drives profitability for their business model.
What their people are deeply passionate about.
Anna Timofeeva
Anna Timofeevaje citiralaпре 5 година
Managing problems efficiently will make a company good but exploiting opportunities can make it great

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